‘Leonardo’ Basket Side Table

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Collaboration piece with Acrylic Artist Nancy Bruno. Nancy Bruno is an award winning acrylic artist from Central Florida. Nancy and Alex went to high school together and reconnected recently through art. Nancy and Alex have done several pieces together with animals often found on the beautiful beaches of Florida.

‘Leonardo’ was conceptualized through Alex’s love for turtles, having seen them hatch at New Smyrna Beach several times during her youth. The graceful elegance of turtles have always fascinated Alex so together Nancy and brought Leonardo to life. Nancy hand painted Leonardo in acrylic and Alex created the underwater effect using resin.

H: 20 3/4" x W: 22 3/4" x D: 22 3/4"

Charcuterie Boards

  • Handwash only
  • Cut on reverse side of board or any exposed wood. It is not recommended to cut directly on epoxy
  • Use food grade oil regularly to keep wood conditioned


  • Handwash Only - epoxy is heat sensitive. Dishwashers will cause damage to epoxy over time.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning material directly on epoxy


  • To clean, wipe with a wet, soft cloth or alcohol wipe.
  • It is not recommended to place cups with boiling water temperatures directly on resin. Coffee or tea with milk added will be safe for placement directly on resin surface.
  • Heat rating of resin is 124 degrees Fahrenheit. Boiling water is 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wall Art/Furniture

  • Do not display in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Epoxy is heat sensitive