In this video I'll show you how I use the MAS Epoxy Annie's Art Studio Resin Kit (flag resin system) to create my ocean letter keychains using ECOART Solutions Alphabet Letter Mold. To make a complete set of keychains, it takes only 3-4 hours thanks to the fast curing time of MAS Epoxy Flag System with Medium Harder.

I’ve linked all the products used in this video below if you’d like to have a go at making your own keychains.


Below are a few tips that I’ve learned in making my own keychains that I think would be helpful in making your own set of keychains.

  • Prep your materials before you start mixing your resin. Your working time once you’ve started mixing is only 20 mins. If you don’t place your shells in first, your resin will most likely start curing before you even get a chance to pour it.

  • Once you’ve poured your resin, move the shells around a bit in the mold to get rid of any bubbles underneath the shells.

  • Cure time is around 2 hours. This means you can demold and make several sets in one day if you want to.

  • It’s recommended to use alcohol spray to pop bubbles when using silicone molds. If you heat the mold too much, it may cause the silicone to deform or stick to your resin as it cures. I personally go back and forth between using a heat gun and acohol spray depending on the mood I’m in. I’ve found that as long as you do a quick passover with the heat gun and don’t linger, the mold will be fine.


Materials & Tools Used

Resin: MAS Epoxy Annie’s Art Studio Resin Kit 
Use code CITRUSWAVESART for 10% + Free Shipping

EcoArt Solutions Alphabet Letter Mold and Silicone Mixing Cups
Use code CITRUSWAVESART for 15% off your purchase

Eye Candy Pigments: Chartruese
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Mini Shells

Silver Keychain Kit

Jewelry Pliers to easily attach the metal keychains

Wagner Heat Gun


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